Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Smart Executive Job Interview Questions

What are your team’s goals and how can I possibly help you meet them?
This is a great question to ask at the beginning of your interviews. It helps you get the big picture of where your prospective employer is at. It also helps position your skills and knowledge as potential solutions.

What are specific day-to-day expectations and responsibilities of the person hired for this position?
An excellent question that helps you understand your prospective employer’s particular needs. The question helps you determine the focus of your new job and what your main tasks will be on a daily basis.

Is this a good example or would you like another one?
This is valuable when you provide a prospective employer with descriptions of your past experience. The interviewer’s answer helps you determine whether or not they are content with your response.

Is there anything I haven’t covered that you would like to know more about?
This gives your interviewer a chance to elaborate on areas that are important to them. It also gives you the opportunity to convey your additional knowledge and strengths.

Are you satisfied with our interview?
The question essentially asks your interviewer to evaluate the quality of the interview. It also gives you a chance to ask additional questions that may help your interviewer to know you better.

What are the next steps?
This straightforward question can be asked at the end of your job interview. It allows you to evaluate your overall interaction with your interviewer, determine if the interview was a successful one, and how to follow up.

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